The Benefits of Shopify Plus

While there are many benefits of Shopify, the most important benefit is its low price. A one-year contract will cost you more than the regular plan, but you can cancel anytime. This plan is perfect for larger businesses that have a large number of customers and require advanced features. It also has lower transaction fees than the regular plan. Read on to learn more about its advantages. While Shopify is a great platform for beginners, Shopify Plus is designed for experienced sellers.

advantages of shopify plus

In addition to its powerful platform, Shopify Plus gives you more customization options, especially in the checkout area. This feature ensures a consistent brand experience and increases conversion rates online. Furthermore, this platform comes with a custom SSL certificate, which will boost customer trust and help you increase conversions. In addition, Shopify Plus provides increased API call limits, which means you can handle more requests in a short amount of time. In addition to these, Shopify Plus includes a Launch Engineer who can work with you before your launch to resolve unique technical concerns.

Another advantage of Shopify Plus is its ability to handle more transactions. It has a limit of 10,000 transactions per minute, which is higher than the core Shopify plans. At its peak in 2012, Amazon had 306 transactions per second, and as of 2017, that number is around 18,000. This is an incredible amount of data and if your site is running on a slow connection, it could cause a slow website experience. However, Shopify Plus can easily handle any number of transactions with no trouble.

Shopify Plus offers dedicated wholesale pricing for wholesale buyers. It also provides unique shipping options and exclusive products to wholesale customers. A site’s speed is critical, and with this platform, it can be incredibly fast. Each time your website needs to validate data, it needs to make an API call. By offering exclusive APIs, Shopify Plus can handle higher API call rates, resulting in a faster site and boosted sales.

Shopify Plus also offers wholesale solutions. It is possible to create a separate wholesale channel for your products, which is based on your existing store. This channel can display the same products with exclusive discounts to wholesale customers. You can also sell wholesale-only products. By creating a brand, you can create a specific price for each group and customize the discount for each group. In addition, Shopify Plus is future-proof.

Shopify Plus offers a range of enterprise-level features, including integrations with leading logistics and marketing tools. This allows you to use the platform as a standalone store or partner with other companies. With this system, you can create your own site, manage inventory, and manage orders. You can even integrate other third-party eCommerce solutions. By choosing the right platform for your needs, you can create a scalable store in no time at all.

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