The Benefits of Shopify Plus

shopify plus

A recent survey by e-commerce platform Shopify revealed that 62% of users use Shopify Plus. Many of these users are huge brands. It’s no wonder, then, that most of them want the best tools to accelerate their growth. In fact, Shopify Plus merchants grow at a rate of 126% per year, which is incredible. To learn how to achieve the same rate of growth, you should read this article. Listed below are some of the benefits of Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus offers more scripts. For example, you can get access to beta scripts months before your competitors. Plus stores also get more API calls. Compared to standard stores, you can get up to 200TB of storage. These are great features for high-volume merchants. So, if you’re thinking of switching platforms, you’re definitely on the right track with Shopify Plus. It’s time to get started!

In addition to customization tools, Shopify Plus provides a plethora of automation options. You can use Flows and Scripts to automate backend business processes, such as shipping, inventory tracking, and risk management. You can also assign customer presets to certain price structures and volume discounts. Besides, the software also offers automation for customer support and marketing. And, of course, you’ll be able to monitor and manage your revenue and profits with ease.

Automation tools are the ultimate tool for growing a business. With Shopify Plus, you can automate the publishing of new products, ramping up inventory before sales, and making creative changes before events. It also offers the ability to automatically create sales-oriented headers and customize landing pages. You can even automate the creation of VIP customer programs. With a few clicks, you can run a wide-ranging marketing campaign. It’s that simple.

Merchants over $1 million can also benefit from dedicated customer support. They can contact support agents 24 hours a day. Not only does this help them to launch their store faster, but it also ensures the ongoing success of their store. The dedicated support line helps them to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently. The unified support center also allows Shopify Plus merchants to use third-party tools, such as Facebook integration. There are also a variety of other features and benefits available with this platform.

The most obvious advantage of Shopify Plus is its speed. It runs on lightning-fast servers. There are no bandwidth, storage, or capacity limits, and it can handle up to 10,000 transactions per minute without any noticeable lag. As a result, Shopify Plus websites can handle over a thousand transactions per minute. This means that no one will experience any downtime during peak sales. If you’re wondering how to grow your business, Shopify Plus is an excellent choice.

Shopify Plus is compatible with over 70 payment gateways, including PayPal. Plus allows for international sales through its multi-language capabilities. Aside from this, the platform also allows for international expansion through multiple regions and languages. For eCommerce store owners, this is a great way to automate a large part of the sales process, and allow you to focus on other tasks. You can also use Scripts to customize your shopping cart and checkout pages. Using these tools, you can customize a checkout process for your customers and add features that help you get more sales.

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