Shopify Plus – Pros and Cons

shopify plus

One of the most notable features of Shopify Plus is the ability to synchronize entities between multiple stores. It can synchronize orders, customers, and quantity increments between stores. In addition, it offers integration with ERP, CRM, and 3PL solutions. You can also expand your store with APIs and third-party platforms. But how does Shopify Plus compare to other online store solutions? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the platform.

Shopify Plus comes with additional features that will help you scale your business faster and generate excellent ROI. Running an ecommerce store can be difficult, and while you can pick up a few tips on your own, you will most likely need expert assistance. Shopify Plus offers its users access to the expertise of experienced professionals, along with training videos and live workshops to help them maximize their potential. In addition to these features, Shopify Plus is also very affordable. It can be implemented in two to three months, and you can pay with a third-party payment provider.

Besides the ability to sell internationally, Shopify Plus also enables you to manage overseas stores. It also provides multi-language functionality and localized currencies. You can add up to nine free expansion stores, so you can target different markets. The software also comes with cart recovery, which helps you retrieve abandoned carts and recover lost sales. Oftentimes, customers abandon their shopping carts at the checkout stage and do not complete their purchase. With Shopify Plus, customers can return products in the currency they purchased in and get a refund in their local currency.

Another perk of Shopify Plus is its personalized support. You’ll be assigned a Launch Engineer to help you set up your store, migrate your existing store, and find partnerships. While standard Shopify plans allow you to customize Shopify theme templates, the Plus program gives you full control over your website. Using a Launch Engineer will also make it easier for you to customize your store. A specialized launch engineer can also help you find partners for your business.

The only downside to Shopify Plus is that it requires a minimum monthly fee of $2000, which is more than enough to start a business. As with any other paid subscription service, however, you must negotiate directly with your provider to secure a lower price. But, with a fixed cost, you can save money and enjoy the features of the service at a fraction of the price. Shopify Plus is a great option for growing ecommerce operations that need enterprise-level solutions.

While other Shopify plans don’t include a Script Editor, this one comes with a script editor. This tool allows you to customize your shopping cart, checkout page, and payment gateway. This allows you to add features like dynamic pricing and dynamic upselling. And if you’re looking for a way to enhance your customer’s experience, Shopify Plus’s bot challenges will give you a great start. The platform is also compatible with Brightpearl.

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