Ecommerce Versus Physical Store Selling

eCommerce is basically the act of physically purchasing or selling over the Internet or via online facilities. It is gaining immense popularity as more people prefer to do their shopping online. The reason behind its growing popularity is that people find it easier to conduct their transactions through these ecommerce websites. There are a number of companies offering various types of eCommerce solutions, with features aimed at helping eCommerce websites to run more efficiently.


Ecommerce solutions include web based inventory management systems, data driven sales and marketing tools, and secure online transactions. All these features help in conducting the business more economically and effectively. The use of internet for buying and selling has increased the speed of transactions and reduced the costs involved in it. Therefore, there are many ecommerce businesses looking forward to hire eCommerce web development and ecommerce solutions development companies so that they can take care of all the aspects involved in the selling process. Ecommerce businesses have a wide range of offerings including selling products, services, information products, and advertising programs.

Selling products over the internet is basically buying and selling between wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers. There are some ecommerce businesses which involve the selling of a product by the retailer himself. It is important to choose the right kind of ecommerce platform or solution that best meets your specific requirements. The platform should be capable of satisfying all your specific needs related to online selling.

The most popular type of ecommerce solution is an ecommerce website built on a specialized web hosting service. This type of ecommerce hosting service allows you to easily manage and maintain your ecommerce business model without requiring you to understand programming languages. It also allows you to easily add various modules that enhance the functionality of your website.

There are different types of ecommerce businesses that you can choose from depending on the nature of products or services you intend to sell. The different types of ecommerce businesses include online auctions, online stores, shopping cart software, electronic medical records, home repair, and personal branding or marketing tools. Basically, there are two kinds of ecommerce: Internet-based and brick and mortar. Internet based ecommerce businesses allow you to sell products or services over the internet with the help of your own computer network. On the other hand, brick and mortar ecommerce businesses sell their products or services in the real world through sales personnel and a storefront. If you intend to run an internet-based ecommerce business, you can either choose to buy an ecommerce website from a supplier or host one on your own.

However, there are benefits of both types of ecommerce, and people usually prefer to opt for an ecommerce website hosting service rather than actually setting up and running a physical store. Since this type of hosting service does not require any investment in property or premises, you can easily start selling your products without investing a huge amount. You can simply buy a web space from any good web hosting company and start selling your products online. In case of a physical store, you will have to buy the building and equip it with the requisite equipment required for conducting your business, hire staff, and incur rental fees and utility bills. But if you decide to sell through an ecommerce website hosted by a supplier, you only have to pay a small fee as hosting charges.

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