Ecommerce Security Features – What Ecommerce Platform Should You Use?

Ecommerce security is the rules that guarantee safe online transaction during internet shopping. It consists of various protocols that secure individuals who engage in online purchasing and selling of products and services. The internet is considered the biggest market in the world and ecommerce features have made it even more popular. In order to establish a long term relationship with your clients, you have to earn their trust. By putting into place ecommerce security measures you will be able to do just that.

One of the most important ecommerce features is email marketing and promotions. Email marketing allows you to build a long term relationship with your clients. Your customers will always trust businesses that send them valuable information regularly. Sending them short promotional information will help them remember your services and make it easy for them to contact you when they require your services.

Using email marketing requires you to integrate it with your website in a very effective way. The platform can be used easily and adding and editing features can be done by yourself. If you use a hosted platform, there are several plug-ins that allow easy integration with different platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. By using ecommerce email templates, it is easy to create an attractive template that best suits your website. ecommerce platform also gives access to your custom domain name, so if you wish to change the design of your site you don’t have to change the email address.

ecommerce platform has an integrated payment option. A merchant can choose among several payment options such as PayPal, Authorize Net, WorldPay, Paydotcom, Neteller and Epidural. ecommerce templates have detailed instructions on how to set up a secure shopping cart so that you don’t have to write complex code. You can describe the features you want to include in the shopping cart to the developers to ensure that the shopping cart matches your ecommerce site. Most ecommerce platform provides secure socket layer (SSL) support so that your transactions are encrypted.

Customer perspective of ecommerce website must be described clearly to the developer so that he can add additional features based on the customer’s request. A merchant should have access to order management section so that he can process orders online. Another important feature that ecommerce website must have is non-revisioning transaction. This means that once a transaction is initiated, the merchant can have a chance to review it before it is posted to his website.

If you plan to publish products through your ecommerce site, then please describe the products in detail to the developer so that he can update its information. Please, also explain your payment options so that the programmer can generate the product catalog accordingly. Non-revisioning transaction is an important and a required feature for ecommerce site. The developer needs to understand the flow of payment so that he can add it later. If you don’t understand these basic things, then you should not use this platform.

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